Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yngwie Malmsteen Shredding on the Marshall Amps Stage at NAMM 2009

This is Yngwie Malmsteen:

This is all the people watching Yngwie Malmsteen:

Notice that many of them are recording Yngwie Malmsteen as he shreds that song into a million notes. This guy has everything that a shredder needs (except for pesky nemeses like the Ninja Turtles). Yngwie makes really crazy faces as he plays. It's pretty comical. I think his talent may have actually turned into a bit at this point. It was funny because he was doing it all on a Fender Strat. I was expecting a Parker, Jackson, or Washburn guitar model to be his weapon of choice. Nope. He plays a Fender. One of my friends told me that Yngwie Malmsteen is so into himself that "he has mirrors on his stage monitors." Talk about awesome! I'd like to see that. It's even worse than having a fan blowing up at your face (I'm looking at you, Steve Vai)!